Stuck in Blah Blah Land…

Yes that’s right…I seem to be stuck in blah blah land ~ la la land’s evil twin.  I didn’t think it had been a week since my last post but I guess it has.  One of the many side effects of being stuck in blah blah land.  Another side effect, not much sewing going on around here.  I did make myself do some quilt related activities today.  I loaded a quilt that one of our friends pieced.  This thing is ginormous, measuring in at 90 x 105!  The pattern is Lucky Stars, by Atkinson Designs, one of my favorites.  And believe it or not this was her very first quilt ever!  I think she did a fabulous job for her first quilt. 

I love all the bright batiks.   Hopefully she’ll love the quilting, I think it’s going to be beautiful.

Before Quilting
After Quilting

I decided to do an all over stipple and an outline of sorts inside the stars.  One block finished…only 41 to go.  I need to get this one done so I can keep loading quilts.  I kind of have an over abundance of quilt tops needing a little love.

There is a chair under all those quilt tops.  I see 8 tops in this picture but sadly enough there are even more buried under the visible tops.  I am a little behind because of my back.  Speaking of my back, I have great news.  I had my two month post surgery follow up today and I’m finally finished with doctor appointments.  Woo hoo!!!  He said I’m doing great and I should continue to do even better.  I still have some lingering pain in my lower back but nothing like the leg pain I had before my surgery.  I’m so grateful to be virtually pain free.

Hopefully my good progress report from the doctor will help steer me out of blah blah land!  I plan on quilting tomorrow and hopefully getting half way through that monster of a quilt.


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  1. What a beautiful quilt! It is hard to believe it is her first! Congrats on the great news from the doctor and you’ll get over the blahs….sometimes posting a new post can get you going!

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