Sharing Baby Projects

I thought I would share what I have been working on for the twins.  I had made these little aprons a few years back for a craft show.  And of course for grand kids at the time and anyone else that wanted one.  I really think my first love of sewing is sewing for kids, clothing or projects of any kind.  I used to make all of Vicki’s clothes when she was little, it was always so much fun. 

So here they are, the first surprise project I’m sending them.  There are more to come, I will share those as I finish them. 

Of course it doesn’t say name on them, but I wanted to cover that part up.  Their names are embroidered on the same way I did the word name.  I lined them with the same fabric as the bias tape, which I made with my bias tape maker.  I really think that might be one of my best purchases.  It made an otherwise very long job into a very fast one.  I had to go get them a box of jumbo crayons and a sketch pad, you can’t do fabulous art work without those things.  I can’t wait for pictures to see how cute they look in their new aprons.

My next project is for a great niece, she is having a baby in May and loves Pooh.  I thought if I could find a panel that would be cool, I would embroider some smaller blocks to go with it.  When I went looking I not only found a panel but I found some smaller panels that were suppose to be sewn together as a book.  So thinking outside the box (which I love to do), I figured I could make that work and save some time by not doing the embroidery blocks.  So I did some fast calculating on what I might need and went home and got started. Here’s what I came up with:

This isn’t a great picture, I’m getting ready to ship it to Vicki so she can quilt it for me.  I will repost when it’s finished with a much better picture.  I’m doing a matching diaper bag and maybe a changing pad if I have enough fabric.  Just thought I would share with everyone what I have been up to.

I hope everyone has a great week,

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