I don’t Need No Stinkin’ Pattern!

I know this is a quilting blog but I’m going to take a moment and talk about my daughter.  She’s 15 years old and very artistic.  She knows how to sew and how to quilt but she doens’t spend much time doing either.  Probably because she’s 15.

The other day she told me she wanted to learn how to make clothes.  As the typical mother I started rattling off everything she would need to do…decide what she wants to make, find a pattern, find some fabric, blah blah blah.  Very confidently she looked at me and said “I really don’t think I need a pattern.”  I started explaining to her in great detail exactly why she did indeed need a pattern.  Within seconds her eyes glazed over.  She wasn’t listening to my well articulated rebuttal that was backed up by years of experience.  She was going to do it her way.  So, I gave her a couple yards of inexpensive fabric and told her to knock herself out.  {insert evil laugh here}  I just knew she was gong to have a hot mess and would come begging for my help in no time.

You can imagine what’s coming next…she actually came up with a design, made it out of the practice fabric and had a working pattern for the vest.  Say what?  She’s 15!  I looked at her in complete disbelief.  This child is either extremely talented or she loves proving me wrong.  In all honesty, she’s incredibly talented and proving me wrong was the icing on the cake.  I’m so very proud of what she made.   

Just for the record…I called my mom and told her what Hannah wanted to do.  The first thing she said…”she’s going to need a pattern.”

This is a terrible picture that I took with my phone.  I had to post it because of her little brother.  He had to be in the picture I sent to Nana. 

Here she is all dressed up and ready for school today.  I think that smile says it all.

This is her Urban Expressway Quilt ~ her very first quilt design.  I wish I could get her to design more quilts.    

I’m so excited to share that I’m almost done reorganizing our website.  I’m trying to make it easier to browse and shop through the fabric.  I’m excited because that means I can get off this computer and get back to sewing!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. GO Hannah!!! You did a wonderful job and the vest looks GREAT!!! Keep up the good work – and keep track of those patterns…. you could make a bundle one day!


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