A very Special Show and Tell to Share with Everyone!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with Family and Friends.  

I thought I would share some pictures and the story of a quilt we made for a baby gift.  Gene’s daughter Kathy wanted a special quilt for her best friends soon to be new baby boy.  She found out the theme in the nursery and we went to work.  We picked out the fabric, Gene picked out the embroidery designs and started doing the blocks.

Then as some of you know my dear sweet husband Gene had a very bad stroke on May 19th.  At that point all attention was on his recovery and spending many many hours at the hospital.  After getting him home I had to learn a lot of things on how to take care of him so we neither one would get hurt.  After working through everything and some melt downs, I finally decided it was time to get back to some sewing.  I rolled my sewing cabinet in the room with Gene’s lift chair and set right beside him sewing.  I think it made him as happy as it did me.  He doesn’t talk yet but he would let me know daily I needed to finish the quilt. 

Here is the quilt, and below are some pictures of some of the blocks.
The next picture is a  very surprised Mom and baby Cash when seeing the quilt for the first time.
Gene, Deidre and Cash
The reason this is a very special quilt is this was the last embroidery work Gene did before the stroke.  We don’t know if he will be able to embroidery again but I am going to work with him.  Kathy and I can’t talk about the quilt without crying our eyes out.  I have more quilts he did, one he did all of it from cutting out the fabric to piecing the blocks together and oh yes there is embroidery involved.  I am planning on sharing them with you at a later time. 
I have one last picture, Gene sporting his new hat he got for Christmas.  Santa thought he needed something to keep his head warm this winter.
That’s our little Christmas story and my second blog under my belt.  
I hope everyone has a very Happy New Year!!
Judy & Gene

5 thoughts on “A very Special Show and Tell to Share with Everyone!”

  1. Gene looks good.
    How often is Gene going to physical and speech therapy?
    Hope you are holding up well.
    After my husband’s surgery I did not realize how much time and energy an ill person requires.
    Bless my small quilt group and my husband’s softball buddies. They helped with errands, meals and lots of other things that made my life easier.

  2. What a lovely story. I hope Gene is some day able to tell you how much your actions have meant to him. Having him beside you through this quilting finishing process is priceless to him I am sure. You are a classy example to us all! (24 years together for us last month)

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