An update on Vicki’s Surgery!

Good evening to all, I’m Judy Vicki’s Mom.  This is my first time blogging, I hope this goes well it could be my last! 

I thought I would let all of our friends and followers know everything went well this morning.  She is going  to spend the night in the hospital because things were far worse than they thought.  The doctor is sure he got it all cleaned up and everything looks very good now.  I have been speaking to her on the phone and texting her and she sounds much better than she did all week.  The one thing that makes all of us crazy is when our kids are sick or hurt and we can’t make it better.  I feel much better after talking to her, even though I’m not sure she is going to remember all of the conversation. 

She is looking forward to getting back to her everyday pain free life.  Thank you for all of your well wishes, it is very much appreciated. 

Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “An update on Vicki’s Surgery!”

  1. Thank you so much for letting everyone know how Vicki’s surgery went. I said a little prayer for her. You did a wonderful job with your blog report. Maybe it shouldn’t be your last. Take Care and Happy Holidays.

  2. Judy, thanks so much for letting us all know how Vicki’s surgery went! I hope that all of the pain she has been in goes away. Great post by the way, you are now an official blogger!

  3. Thank you for braving the blogging world to give us an update Judy. It doesn’t matter how old our children are ~ They are still our babies and you feel so helpless during times like this. While it was far worse than expected, at least things appear to be going well and doc thinks he’s cleaned it all up really well so that’s a huge plus. Tell Vicki to take her time and rest so she can heal well.

  4. Yes I believe you, it is hard to see your children suffer but standing by and supporting makes all the difference to someone in need. I hope and pray with you for your daughter to have her strength back soon and appreciated hearing how she is, thank-you.

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