Slowly Getting Back in the Game

I’m so excited that mom is finally able to start teaching again.  She loves teaching others how to quilt and embroider.  She hasn’t been able to do much since Gene had the stroke but things are finally settling down and she’s able to get busy again.  Marilyn, one of our good friends, loves to go to mom’s house and sew, sew, sew.  She is a piecing queen!  She loves for us to put together kits and BOM’s for her.  {BOM = Block of the Month}  She was able to go to mom’s last week and work on a quilt that mom and I designed back in March.  It’s a sampler quilt filled with half square triangles {HST} done in Hoffman batiks.  Here’s a little preview…

I love these colors!
This is Grasshopper green!

You can see here that Marilyn loves to use the Marin & Colusa Stitching Lines  to make her half square triangles!  Boy do the stitching lines make HST’s easy!
Look at her go!

But that’s not all!  Saundra, another great sewing friend, also showed up at mom’s last week to work on some embroidery projects.  She bought a Babylock embroidery machine awhile ago and mom has been teaching her how to use it.  Yes, my mom is extremely talented.  She used to sell Babylock machines so she knows how those bad boys work.   Mom even digitized the design for Saundra.

All done!
Just a few threads to clip!

Looks like mom has been busy.  I’m so glad she’s been able to get back to sewing.  I know she’s missed it. 

That’s it for now…I need to get busy sewing.


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