My Sewing Space

I’ve decided to be brave and share my sewing space with everyone.  It’s against my better judgment to post pictures without cleaning first but that wouldn’t be a realistic view into my daily life.  I am, after all, rather messy.  I do take time out to clean up if I absolutely have to but I dread cleaning.  I know I know, it probably wouldn’t be that bad if I would keep things clean as I go.  I just can’t work that way.  So, I’m going to put on my big girl pants and post some pictures.  Keep in mind it would probably be easier for me to stay organized if I had my own studio.  Right now my sewing space is smack in the middle of our dining room and kitchen.  Hopefully one day soon we will settle down and buy a home with a large finished basement that I can take over!  Ahh…a girl can dream!

So the first picture shows my cutting table aka the breakfast table.  We used to actually sit and eat at this table.  That was before I decided I wanted to start an online quilt store.  My hubby really doesn’t like the cutting mat as a permanent fixture.  I should move it each day but then I think why bother.  I just have to put it back.  My trusty iron and ironing board now reside right next to the table.  I haven’t put the ironing board up in months.    

I left the Sonic cup in the picture because I love Sonic!  I’m a Diet Dr. Pepper-aholic.
Next up is where I do all my piecing.  I use the fold up tables from Wal-Mart.  They’re inexpensive and work pretty good but it’s impossible to sew at full speed with these tables.  If I go too fast the table bounces up and down and I can’t see anything!  Not a good plan.  
This is where things get a bit scary.  My table is always cluttered up.  Even if I clean it up it doesn’t take long to look like this again!  I can’t explain it…I have clutter problems!  You can see my Pfaff and Babylock in the picture!  I love them both!

If you look close you can see the hunting gear on the back side of the table.  That is NOT mine.  Dear hubby has taken over part of my table as a storage area for his bow and hunting gear.  I guess that’s ok since I have taken over the breakfast table, dining room and most of the house.

Next up…Roscoe, my Gammill.  He’s my trusty long arm that my dad found for me in Phoenix.  Dad even packed it up and hauled it to me in the back of his truck!  What a great dad!

Roscoe…my Gammill!

You can see the clutter problems have followed me to the long arm table.  I have thread, screwdrivers, a flashlight, rulers, and who knows what else on Roscoe’s table.  I think I even see thread hanging off the table.  Sounds about right to me.  The shelves at the end hold all my bolts of fabric.  Well, that’s one section of shelves.  My awesome step dad built all the shelves for me.  Man, I’m a lucky girl with a great family!  FYI…the wooden plates hanging on the wall were collected while hubby and I were stationed in Germany.  We tried to get a plate every time we traveled.

Thread every where!

That’s a picture of the floor right next to Roscoe.  Yes, I throw all my thread on the floor as I sew.  I just can’t be bothered with the trash can.  I do pick it all up after I finish each quilt.  I do not vacuum it up anymore.  I learned the hard way the vacuum cleaner does not like all that thread!   The craziest thing ever was when I found thread hanging off the blinds.  I guess I was really putting some muscle behind my tossing that day. 

This window comes in very handy for Roscoe’s accessory storage.  Notice there is a trash can…it’s just not used for thread!  More cones of thread, rulers, templates, bobbins, etc.  I even sit here if I get stumped or just need a break.  I’m fighting two bulging discs right now so sitting seems to happen more than usual.  I had 8 shots in my back on Friday.  I’m hoping that helps and I can bypass surgery. 

Oh look, batting scraps stuffed in the corner.  I would like to say my scraps are dwindling because I’ve been using them up.  Check out my review of the heat press batting tape.  I really love this stuff!  My unopened packs of batting are under my bed.  And I’m not taking a picture of that! 

Another look at my shelves!

More shelves.  Don’t you love the bright California Dreamin collection on the bottom shelf!
You’ll notice soccer cleats in this picture.  It’s soccer season!  We’ve only lost one game so far…Go Lightning!  And I love to store all my packing supplies on the top of these shelves.  It keeps it off the floor!
One more close up Roscoe just for fun!
That’s my messy sewing space.  I guess it’s a good thing I can find everything I need.  I usually feel lost and I can’t find anything after I clean up. 
Hopefully I’m not the only messy quilter out there.  I like to think I’m just a little  disorganized but who am I kidding….I’m messy.  I don’t like to clean so I avoid it if I can.  

I would like to let you all know about a new friend I found, Connie from Quilting By The River.  Check out her blog where you can learn about a giveaway that we’re sponsoring.  She has designed a beautiful quilt using the Amelia collection by Me & My Sister for Moda.  She’s so talented!

That’s all for now!  Let me know what you think.  I hope there are some other messy people out there!

I almost forgot…Happy Halloween!

9 thoughts on “My Sewing Space”

  1. Vicki thank you for sharing your sewing space! I love the shelves you have for your bolts of fabric and your California Dreamin bolts look yummy! I have similar tables that I bought at Sams and they can be adjusted to about 4 different heights but they aren’t any good for fast sewing. I don’t think it looks messy at all…..other than the thread on the floor….you must not have any cats. I have to keep mine cleaned up so they don’t try and swallow the stuff! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  2. Considering how little space you have to work with, I think your sewing area is fairly neat! Seems that no matter how big the space we can fill it up! lol After each quilt top I make and the quilt, I have to clean my room so I can find things for the next one! Consider the Goodwill shops and used cabinets for other storage. Good Luck!

  3. We have our “stuff” strewn about too – living room, dining area, utility room, all 3 bedrooms. Only the baths do not have any quilting “stuff” in them. I visiting from Connie K’s blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing your workspace (No matter what project I’m working on I’m messy while working but very organized otherwise!) I’m now a follower (thanks to Connie) and look forward to seeing your projects!

  5. That is completely me!! I’m “supposed” to have a table and 3 shelves above that table in my master bedroom. But I never put the ironing board away, I took over the dresser and the top of that, the windowsill, my hanging design wall and the floor most of the time! And I’m messy, too!
    But they say that messiness is a key aspect of creativity! Seriously!

  6. I feel normal now that you’ve shared your messy sewing area. I also hate to clean it up. I put things away and then can never find them again! I have a whole bedroom for my sewing room and also have those two tables you have (from Walmart also) but mine are not side by side, but lengthwise in my room. I have a 71″ cutting board laying in the middle of the two tables, but they kind of sag a little and my board doesn’t lay totally flat. I think I need to put a piece of plywood under my cutting board. It might look kind of yucky but who cares if it works? I might even try your idea and put them in the middle of the room side by side. Then I might not have to buy plywood. Thanks for sharing your room. On my blog I show pictures of how messy it is all the time. Everyone seems to like it, it makes them feel normal.

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