Easy Pillowcase Pattern

Are you ready to make a beautiful yet simple pillowcase in a matter of minutes?  Well, I have the perfect pattern for you!  This pattern is perfect for all skill levels.

I decided to try out a new line by Moda, Sunkissed, for my pillowcases!  It is gorgeous…so soft and silky, not to mention beautiful colors!

Supplies:                                            Cut:
1/8 yard for accent strip                        2.5” x 41” for the accent strip
1/3 yard for the cuff                             11” x 41” for the cuff
3/4 yard for the pillowcase body              27” x 41” for the pillowcase body
Use a 1/2″ seam allowance 

Making your pillowcase:
1.  Fold the 2.5” accent strip in half, WRONG sides together, and iron. The strip will now measure 1.25.”
2.  Lay the cuff RIGHT side up. Place the accent strip on top matching the RAW edges.
3.  Place the pillowcase body on top WRONG side up. Pin all of these layers together along the 41” side.
4.  Roll up the excess pillowcase body fabric until it is shorter than the cuff. 
5.  Bring the cuff up and over the roll. Pin together and sew.

6.  Pull the body out of the cuff. Press the pillowcase. You may secure the accent strip by top-stitching it down.
7.  Fold your pillowcase and sew the sides and bottom together. You will want to finish your pillowcase with a serged seam, zigzag stitch, or french seam so there are no loose edges.
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